Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues – Electronic gadgets have made our life so easy and comfortable. Online platforms did multiple tasks within a few seconds with the help of a PC and good internet connection. So, it is important to protect and secure that substance which provides us so much relief. Yes, PC also requires protection and security from third-party threats. hackers and corrupted files. Norton Antivirus Protection is the best and sought option for resolving this issue. But sometimes software also stop functioning due to Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

There are many users who face difficulty during the Norton Antivirus installation, configure and update issues. But don’t worry, if you are a new user and don’t have much knowledge regarding all these things. We will help you. Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues, here you will get all types of the best solutions for your problems. Our team of Norton Antivirus Troubleshoot will provide you suitable and reliable ways to resolve the issues.

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

There is multiple numbers of error issues that are commonly found in Norton Antivirus. Some errors occur during the time of the installation process. Some occur during the updation of system and application. Also sometimes when you install and uninstall the applications, it happens. To know how to install the Norton Antivirus Troubleshoot, read the steps.

Install Norton Antivirus Troubleshoot

To install the Norton Antivirus in your system. Simply follow all the below-listed steps-

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues


  1. If you have installed any other antivirus protection in your system then remove it immediately by uninstalling it.
  2. Download the Norton Antivirus Setup from its official website to make sure that you are installing the right one.
  3. After downloading the option, click on run to install the file. The installation process will be started automatically which also installs all the necessary files related to it.
  4. Now the user has to select the language and click on the next button to proceed further.
  5. Read and accept the license agreement to continue the further proceedings of the installation process of Norton Antivirus.
  6. Now you have to choose a free license. Under this option, you have to choose the customize installation option.
  7. After choosing this option, the file will be automatically installed and downloaded on your system.
  8. Once the process gets complete, Restart your system.

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

Ways to Fix the Internet Problems After Installation

Internet poor connection might be one of the reasons behind the improper functioning of the Norton Antivirus. Check out these steps to troubleshoot the network connection. For a short duration of time, pause all the downloading stuff and multimedia streaming on your system. Close all the unwanted tabs that you have opened in the internet browsers. To make the Norton Antivirus run smoothly, clear all the cookies, cache, and delete all the history.

Disable Norton Firewall

There is the probability of Norton Firewall has blocked certain applications on the system which are causing unwanted errors in functioning. One can follow these steps to disable the Norton Firewall for a temporary period-

  1. Open Norton Internet Security.
  2. Go to the main settings of the system and you will see the firewall options in it.
  3. Turn off the Auto-protect option by clicking on it.
  4. Go to the Personal Firewall option and disable it for smooth running.

Tips to Configure Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

Some tips to configure the Troubleshoot Norton Antivirus Issues-

  • Go to the advanced settings, to configure the Norton Antivirus.
  • The user will get three options there – low detection level, medium detection level, High detection level. You have to select the medium detection level.
  • Now you will have threat categories on the screen of your system, choose all the options, and click on the Next option to proceed further.
  • On the next page, you have to select the start mode from different options. Choose the normal mode and click on it.
  • Set a specific time for your system to do scanning of it. Schedule time for the scan of the system. Choose the run option at a particular time when you will turn on your system.
  • After performing all the options of configuring, the Norton Antivirus will start immediate scanning of your system.

Tips to Update the Norton Antivirus

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

Once you are done with the installation and configuration of the antivirus, another task for the user is to update the Norton Antivirus. If you don’t have any clue about how to update the Norton Antivirus on your system. Don’t worry all you have to do is to just follow the below-given steps and update the Norton Antivirus.

To run LiveUpdate from the Symantec System Centre Console

  1. Right-click  on the primary server, point to All Tasks, point to Norton AntiVirus, and then click on the Virus Definition
  2. Manager.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Click Update Now.
  5. LiveUpdate is now running silently in the background on the primary server.

To Run LiveUpdate from the Norton Antivirus Interface

  1. Go to Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition and open it.
  2. Click on the Liveupdate.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download all the latest definitions.

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