How to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding?

Norton Antivirus provides security features for your systems such as protection against spam, a software firewall, and many other features that secure our system. How to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding? check out the provided information regarding the issue.

Identify Crashing Reason Behind The Norton Antivirus

For resolving any issue or error it is important to identify its cause and where it is created the problem. To fix the crashing and not responding to Norton Antivirus, we will first identify the reason behind the problem.

The user might face issues while starting the Norton Antivirus, the Antivirus software may crash again and again. There is a possibility of occurring errors such as Not Responding Dialogue box. These technical glitches may irritate you, being a user I can understand that all the errors occur when one has to do any urgent work. But don’t worry we will help you out from this Norton Antivirus Crashing error.

Some Methods to Resolve the Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding Errors

How to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding?

Check out all the ways to resolve the Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding errors. Follow them and fix your issue.

  • You need to get the Norton Fix Tool to clear the corrupted Norton Antivirus documents.

How to Repair the Corrupted Files?

Follow the steps to repair the Corrupted files to prevent the crashing and not responding error.

  • Download Norton Repair on your system and save it on the desktop.
  • Click on the downloaded file twice to run the correct tool.
  • Accept all the Usage agreement and the Norton Tool will start working.
  • After performing these steps restart your system.
  • Once you restart your system then the Norton Antivirus will start working properly.

Some More Steps to Resolve this Issue

If the repairing of Corrupted Files could not fix the occurring error then try all these steps to fix the issue and smooth running of your system.

  1. If all these steps and ways do not work to resolve the issue then the user has to follow another given step to get the functioning of Norton Antivirus.
  2. Log in to your Norton Antivirus Account.
  3. Check your subscription to ensure that you are having a valid license to use Norton Antivirus.
  4. Upgrade the Norton Antivirus to have the latest version of Antivirus on your system, restart your system.

How to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding?

  1. Make sure that you have the most latest version for your windows proper functioning.
  2. Restore Windows Backdate and learn how to restore windows on the system.
  3. Troubleshoot the Norton Antivirus.

Impact of Norton Antivirus Crashing on Windows 10

How to Fix for Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding?

The effect of the Norton Antivirus crashing on Windows 10 –

  • The Norton Antivirus may create driver and hardware problems. The hardware conflicts the crashing error because the crashing error is solitary from any particular parts of the system and programs.
  • The uncertainty within the antivirus program can lead to the crashing of windows 10. Malware infections insert themselves into the code and programs can cause antivirus to malfunction.

Solve the Norton Antivirus Error Problem

  1. Right-click on the Norton Antivirus Protection option and then click on its properties. After clicking on its properties, if you find out any sort of error in the properties of the program then try to clear out it if it is really important to eliminate it.
  2. If you don’t find any sort of error then go to add and remove program which you will see inside the control panel option or in even my computer. Now inside it you will get to see the Norton Antivirus program section where you have two options on your system’s screen – Add and Remove.
  3. After getting that option to uninstall the Norton Antivirus Protection program and download the program again to re-install it again on the system.
  4. After the installation process of Norton Antivirus gets complete then update the latest version of Norton Antivirus.
  5. If the error still not resolves after performing all these steps then there might be something wrong with the internal files of the window. In that situation, you may have to install the windows again on your system. Make sure when you try to install the window again on your system then it should be installed from a fresh end.
  6. Also, we advised you to connect with the Norton Internet Security Troubleshooting Team to get a suitable solution to fix it out.

In case of any query, you can contact us through our toll-free number 1-844-554-9111. Our experts will guide you in the right direction.


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