How to Fix Avg Antivirus Not Working Issue

How to Fix Avg Antivirus Not Working Issue – We all know that every system requires an Antivirus to protect the system and its data from the internal as well as external threats. Cybercrime is increasing day by day due to the modifying approach of hackers to hack the systems. So, it is very important to choose the best Antivirus from the market. Well, one such renowned Antivirus in the market is AVG Antivirus software. The majority of the technical people prefer AVG Antivirus over other antiviruses. If you are also confused between so many Antivirus software options, then we would advise you to go with AVG Antivirus Software Protection. Like other Software, this Antivirus program is also a software which can create nonworking issues. But there is nothing to worry about it. This whole blog is based on – How to Fix Avg Antivirus Not Working Issue by using easy and simple steps.

The best part about AVG Antivirus is that it is available for free. Opting AVG Antivirus is a very good option if you are looking for basic malware protection. This Antivirus will provide you 100% customer satisfaction. There are many features that make Avg Antivirus different from the other viruses. It provides the user with warning messages to know exactly the nature of the threat. But sometimes while fighting against the external threats, this antivirus stops working. To fix that glitch we are helping all the people out there through this informational blog regarding – How to Fix Avg Antivirus Not Working Issue.

Why AVG Antivirus is not working?

To fix the AVG Antivirus Not working Issue. It is important to know what are the reasons behind it. There can be a probability of two cases i.e one is that the AVG Antivirus is expired or the other one is that your system is contaminated by a virus. Sometimes there can be an update and settings issue too.

Follow These Steps To Fix AVG Antivirus  Not Working Issue

If your system has been infected with some external threats, malware, or spyware then it can be preventing AVG Antivirus from running it efficiently.

  • Restart your system and turn on the safe mode by clicking at the top of the right corner of your screen.
  • Now Click on Settings.
  • Choose the Settings of the system and click on the Update and Recovery option.
  • Once you do it then click on Recovery option which you can see under the Advanced Start-Up option.

How to Fix Avg Antivirus Not Working Issue

  • Now click on Restart now. You can clearly see the option in this provided picture.
  • After the restart procedure is done. Again go for Safe Mode with Networking and click on the enter button.
  • Once the Window is done with loading on the screen, launch the AVG Antivirus and select the virus scan preferences on your screen.


  • Now click on Start Scan to begin the scanning procedure to detect all the threats and viruses.
  • If any threat will be found on your system, it will be sent to the AVG Antivirus vault for removing it from the system.

When the scanning process gets complete, restart your system and boot it into your windows normally.

Pay Attention to Some Other Methods of Fixing the AVG Antivirus Not Working Error

So, follow these methods if the above-provided method doesn’t work on your system.

Remove the Additional Antivirus Protection Program – If you have installed some other Antivirus Program on your system then remove it. We understand that you care about your data and system. But installing Two Antivirus Program on the system won’t make any difference. It will stop the functioning of both the Antivirus Software which would eventually become a hurdle for you. To avoid this situation and remove the conflicting program for the proper functioning of the system and the Antivirus Protection Program. Follow the accurate steps and uninstall it from your computer.

Eradicate the Conflict Causing Applications – Sometimes the unwanted data and applications present in the computer start causing problems in the system. As a result, it stops the working of the AVG Antivirus. So, remove all these unwanted substances and to start the proper function performing of the Antivirus Protection program. The unwanted applications are of no use. In case you have a requirement of any application for the future then install it then.

Meaning of Virus are Updating –  This hacking world is very wide. With the evolving technologies, the type of virus and hacking ways are also changing their definitions. In this way the user needs to perform a periodic update of the Antivirus from time to time to resolve this issue of the AVG Antivirus is not working.

These are some of the helpful ways from which the user can fix this issue by sitting at its place and without spending any single penny on the technician. Follow the instructions step by step and resolve this glitch.

Troubleshooting AVG Antivirus Protection Software

To do the troubleshooting procedure of AVG Antivirus Protection Software. Check out these steps –

  • First of all, uninstall all the AVG Antivirus and its components.
  • Visit the AVG Antivirus website then download the AVG Removal tool.
  • Install this Removal Tool on your system and make it run.
  • Now select your AVG Product and Remove it.
  • It will take some time to remove the AVG Antivirus and its other components.
  • Now restart your Computer once the removal procedure gets completed.
  • Download and install the AVG Antivirus again on your system.
  • It will eventually help you out from this problem.

Advantages of AVG Antivirus Protection Program

There are several advantages of AVG Antivirus Protection Program –

  1. It provides your scheduled update.
  2. It can be installed into the extension of the Mozilla Browser.
  3. It gives real-time protection to your electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.
  4. It uses very low memory of your system and also boosts the system not to get slow at the time.
  5. It detects all the threats very fast.

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